Makoshika State Park Youth Program - Glendive

Wednesday, August 07, 2019 - Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Children ages 7-13 and parents are invited to join Makoshika State Park staff this summer for an exciting and educational experience! Starting May 30th Park Staff will be meeting program attendees at the Park every Thursday at 9:30-11:30AM, with the final session on August 1st. Children who attend five or more sessions will be eligible for an overnight campout August

7th -8th. Participants will explore a variety of hands-on natural science topics as well as craft making, game playing, and snacks. The Summer Youth Program is free to the public. For more information please call Sue at Makoshika State Park (406) 377-6256

May 30 Oh Deer!

Students will learn that an animals habitat is a place that provides the right food, water, shelter, and space for that animal. Children will explore these parts of habitat in a physical activity.

June 6 Amazing Plant Powers

Students will learn how plants fly, fight, hide, hunt and change the world. In this program we will highlight the impressive range of adaptive abilities plants have developed.

June 13 Less is More

Students will learn the difference between nonrenewable and renewable resources. In this program we will discuss the importance of recycling and how long it takes for different products to decompose.

June 20 Bug Feats

Are you ready to meet the fastest flyers, the loudest buzzers, and the sneakiest ambushers in Montana? In this program students will learn about some of Montanas most mind-boggling bugs and their incredible feats.

June 27 Aqua

Students will learn that without water, there would be no life. Students will explore the importance

of water for people, animals and plants.

July 4 Holiday-no program this week

July 11 Seed Needs

Students will learn that seeds are used as food for people and animals. They will also learn how seeds

are dispersed and how animals help with the process.

July 18 Bird Feats

Students will learn about Montanas fastest, tallest, smartest, and boldest birds. In this program

students will learn about some of Montanas birds feats.

July 25 Map It

Students will learn about maps and the characteristics that make up one. They will learn how to

read a map and even make one.

August 1 Game Day: Jeopardy

Students will win prizes as we play Makoshika Jeopardy. We will review what we have learned

throughout the summer.

August 7-8 Overnight Campout

Eligible participants are invited to a night packed with fun as we camp in Makoshika! We will go on a

hike, play games, and much more to conclude this summers Youth Program.

*****All programs will take place at the visitor center and participants should bring a

water bottle, bug spray, sunscreen and dress appropriately for the weather.

Tennis Shoes, no flip flops. *****

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Phone: 4063776256

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