Calf Creek Wildlife Management Area - Hamilton

Calf Creek Wildlife Management Area encompasses 2,333 acres.

Management goal: Primarily to provide winter range for elk and compatible recreational opportunities for the public.

Hunting opportunities: Hunting at Calf Creek is by foot, horseback, or mountain bike, and the primary quarry is elk. Regulations for Hunting District 261 apply to Calf Creek Wildlife Management Area.

Wildlife viewing: Few elk inhabit these Wildlife Management Area during summer, but they are often observable nonetheless. The most likely observations are of songbirds and raptors commonly found in upland grasslands and ponderosa pine forests.

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Calf Creek Wildlife Management Area is located in Ravalli County, 8 miles east of Hamilton. From Hamilton take Fairgrounds Road east about 1 mile to Eastside Highway (Route 269); proceed northeasterly on Route 269 about 1.5 miles to Hamilton Heights Road; continue east about 5 miles to the Wildlife Management Area entrance. The area may be accessed by two-wheel drive vehicles whenever roads are dry between May 15 and November 30. Vehicular access is limited at Calf Creek between September 1 and November 30 to provide walk-in hunting opportunities.

May 15 - November 30

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