38th Annual Head Start Pow-Wow - Ronan

Friday, May 10, 2013 - Friday, May 10, 2013

The annual Head Start Pow-Wow is a celebration of and with the children and families in our program. It usually takes place toward the end of our program year and is one of the local Pow-wows that start the season.

The children will each receive a new pair of moccasins for the event from our program and depending on what each parent group from each of the Head Start Centers decides, parents have the option to learn how to make a dance outfit (not called a costume), they may borrow one from our program or utilize their own.

If you have not experienced a Pow-wow, I invite you to our celebration so you may experience how our program honors our 0-5 aged children and their families.

Grand Entry will start at 5:00pm.

No vendors are allowed.


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Phone: 406-676-4509

The Annual Head Start Pow-Wow will be held at the Ronan Events Center.

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Grand Entry: 5:00pm

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