Up-Up 40 Lookout Cabin - Superior

Lookout was built in the 1930's and was used as a fire lookout tower. With the use of aircraft for fire detection, less lookouts have been staffed in recent years and many converted to cabin rentals. The setting of UP-UP Lookout is unique as the 40 foot wooden tower is perched on a beautiful rock pinnacle. A hiking trail is available for those that wish to explore the Eagle Peak road-less area. The lookout is a fantastic vista for the high alpine country of Ward Eagle road-less area. It also offers magnificent views of the St. Regis River drainage.

Accommodations include propane lights and wall mounted heater. At present there are no cooking facilities or refrigeration. At the base of the tower is a fire pit with grill. A twin bed with mattress and cover is available for sleeping. Two more people may occupy tower and bring sleeping bags or camp at ground level. A rustic pit toilet is located just a short distance from the tower. No water is available.

Four person capacity; cost $30.00 Drive directly to the tower. Discourage bringing children as tower is 40 feet in height with exterior open stairway.


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Phone: 406-822-4233
Fax: 406-822-3903

Up-Up 40 Lookout Cabin is located 80 miles west of Missoula on I-90 Ward Creek Exit 26. Travel on road 889 for 3.2 miles, turn right on road 3816 and travel 14 miles to lookout.

6/15 - 10/15 Please call due to snow levels. Closed 2009 season.

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Cash, Personal Check (In State), Personal Check (Out Of State)

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Picnic Shelter, Trail

Bird Watching, Hiking, Nature, Outdoor Activity, Wildlife Viewing