Danny On Memorial Trail - Whitefish

Distance: 3.8 one-way

Trail Begins: In the upper village

The scenic lift can be ridden either direction during summer operations for those who wish to only hike one-way. Dogs allowed but must be kept on a leash.

Wildlife --Big Mountain is home to a variety of wildlife: deer, bobcat, mountain lion, weasels, coyote, wolf, and bears. This is bear country with both grizzly and black bears appearing from time to time. Hikers should make their presence known on the trails by making noise and never approach wildlife; even 'tame' looking animals can be dangerous.

Water --Water is found near the trail; however, it is NOT recommended for drinking. Giardia and other bacteria carried by animals contaminate most mountain streams. Hikers should carry their own water.

Snow --Snow will most likely remain on the upper sections of the trail until mid-July or so. This means several things for hikers: cold temperatures, buried trails, and possible wet feet. Hikers should have extra clothing along (jackets, hats, perhaps even gloves) and be wearing good sturdy shoes. Alternate route options include hiking up ski runs. Russ' Street provides the easiest access.

Altitude --People from lower elevations, especially sea level, can feel the effects of altitude at the top of the mountain. They may experience a shortness of breath or dizziness.

Weather --Since the weather in a mountain environment can change rapidly, hikers should be prepared. Freezing temperatures and even snow can occur in the middle of summer. Summer skies one minute can give way to winter within an hour.

Different routes: You can hike the entire 5.6 mile trail or choose from any of three shorter hikes. All trails are equally beautiful.

Flower Point Loop Hike: This high loop trail begins and ends at the 7,000 foot summit and is approximately 3.8 miles long. The route averages about 2 hours. Elevation Gain is 600 feet.

East Rim Loop: For a shorter high elevation hike, take the route to East Rim, turn around and return to the summit on the same trail. The route is approximately 1 mile and takes the average hiker about 1 hours. Elevation gain is 400 feet.

Village to Summit House Hike: This hike takes you to the top of the mountain from the village and is approximately 3.8 miles and takes an average of 1.5 to 3 hours. Elevation gain is 2,300 feet.

Village to Summit House Hike via Flower Point: The longest route meanders to Flower Point along the higher elevations and totals 5.6 miles for 2 to 4 hours of hiking. Elevation gain is 2,300 feet. For current trail conditions, please call the Environmental Education Center at 862-1972.

Essentials for the trail: water, extra clothing, snacks, sturdy shoes.


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3808 Big Mountain Road
Whitefish,  MT 59937

Phone: 406-862-2900
Toll Free: 800-858-5439

Danny On Memorial Trail can be accessed from the Whitefish Mountain Resort.

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