Fielding - Coal Creek Trail - Glacier National Park

Fielding-Coal Creek Trail links the drainages of Bear, Ole, Park, Muir, and Coal creeks several miles above their confluences with the Middle Fork. The beginning of the trail, at the end primitive dirt Road 1066, is well maintained and is poorly maintained from the lower Park Creek campground to Coal Creek campground. For the first three miles, the trail gently climbs over a low saddle between Bear and Ole Creek, then turns east following Ole Creek tail for .2 mile, and then continues its course over a more arduous saddle below Soldier Mountain 4.5 miles to Park Creek. The trail then climbs steeply to a saddle behind Rampage Mountain, then for 3 miles follows Muir Creek, then climbs for 1.8 miles over another slightly lower saddle before finally descending 1.5 miles to Coal Creek.

Length: 17.0 miles

Trail Begins: Coal Creek Trail

Trail Ends: Boundary at Fielding

USGS Map1: Park Map

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The Fielding-Coal Creek trail is located in the Southern Sector of Glacier National Park. The trail begins at the end of a primitive dirt Road 1066 near the Bear Creek Guest House and connects the drainages of the Bear, Ole, Park, Muir Creeks, and ends at Coal Creek.

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