Waterton Valley Trail - Glacier National Park

Waterton Valley Trail is the major byway between Goat Haunt and Logan Pass. It gives access to the Fifty Mountain area, has wonderful vistas, and opportunities to view wildlife. This is a moderately difficult hike which involves a long steady climb. Grizzly bears do frequent the Fifty Mountain area and no open fires are allowed at campsites.

The first portion of the hike is through forest and at 4.5km the Kootenai Lakes Trail leaves to the west, this short side trip might result in viewing moose feeding in the area. The Waterton Valley trail continues south and intersects the Stoney Indian Pass trail at 7.8km. The trail then crosses the Pass Creek footbridge and brings the hiker to the Pass Creek patrol cabin. A mile beyond the cabin the trail begins a steep ascent up out of the Waterton River valley, crossing avalanche swaths, rocky outcroppings as the hiker traverses up to the Fifty Mountain plateau. The trail then opens up into a wide subalpine meadow with the Fifty Mountain campsite situated in the southeast corner of the meadow by the Kootenai Creek.

Length: 10.5 miles

Trail Begins: Fifty Mountain Campground

Trail Ends: Goat Haunt Ranger Station

USGS Map1: Park Map


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The trail begins south of the ranger station at Goat Haunt, but may be accessed from several other trails. From the east, by Stoney Indian Pass trail. From the south, by the High Line Trail and the West Flat top trail. From the north, by the Lakeshore Trail. From the west, by the Boulder Pass Trail.

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