Flatiron Mountain Trail - Libby

Flatiron Mountain does not have a trail, but the open ridge is easy to follow and offers beautiful views of the Yaak and Kootenai areas. This is an excellent family trip.

Length: 1.5 miles

Trail Begins: 4800' at Rainbow Ridge

Trail Ends: 5891' at Top of Flatiron Mountain

Difficulty: Moderate

Area Map: Kootenai National Forest Visitors Map

USGS Map 1: Flatiron Mountain

Township 33N, Range 31W, Section 6


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From Libby, travel north on Highway 37, cross Kootenai River, then turn left onto the Pipe Creek road. Drive north 22 miles to the Rainbow Lake road, turn left (west) and take the third right, turning at the road forks. Parking is available at the end of this road. Following the trail signs, hike to the margin of trees near the ridgetop, through the trees to the open ridge and on to the summit.

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