Yaak Falls - Troy

This waterfall is the highlight for many visitors as they tour through the Yaak area. During spring and early summer tremendous viewing opportunities abound in the Yaak River area as snowmelt follows its way down and over the falls. For any photographer, this is one sight that shouldn't be missed. This site can be found on a Kootenai National Forest Visitors Map at Township 33N, Range 33W, Section 9. Yaak is a Kootenai Indian word meaning arrow or straight. The Kootenai Indians once populated this remote area of Montana.

The Yaak Falls has always been a favorite stop on the scenic tour of northwest Montana. This beautifully cascading waterfall was created by the eastward shift of the Pacific plate. As a result of this shifting, some of the oldest rock in the world is exposed. The rock is dated between 800 million and one and a half billion years old.

This area is rich in local history, dating back to the 1880s. Part of an old bridge can be seen just below the falls. This bridge was the first structure to span the Yaak River. This allowed unrestricted passage from Troy to another important mining town called Sylvanite. Many placer mining camps, including one called 'Snipe Town', operated near the falls in the 1890s. In 1910 a devastating fire destroyed mining operations around the falls area.


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From Troy, travel west approximately 8 miles on US Highway 2. Turn onto Montana 508 and travel 7 miles.

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