UL Bend National Wildlife Refuge - Zortman

The rare and treasured art of wildlife watching has been redefined in the UL Bend Wildlife Refuge. It is one of the remote areas in Montana where elk still occupy their native prairie year-round. Wildlife viewers may also see deer, pronghorn antelope, birds, prairie dogs, and bighorn sheep in this area. The Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge surrounds the UL Bend area. Visitors must be up to traveling on rough roads. It is advised to consult weather and road conditions before traveling from Zortman or Malta to the refuge.

UL Bend NWR, a 'refuge-within-a-refuge', lies in the Charles M. Russell NWR and is 20,000 acres. Fort Peck Reservoir surrounds the southern half of the area. These impounded waters of the Missouri River provide an ecological barrier for wildlife associated with land. Although the water level fluctuates seasonally, the elevation at full pool is 2,250 feet above sea level.

Recreational opportunities include boating, hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing, and archaeological/historic sites, as well as access to the Missouri Breaks wilderness region.


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UL Bend National Wildlife Refuge is located in Phillips County, 40 miles southeast of Zortman. Three sides are adjoined by the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge. The north boundary is bounded by public domain and private lands.

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