Labor Day Wagon Train - Culbertson

Sunday, September 02, 2018 - Sunday, September 02, 2018

Relive the days of homesteaders in this annual gathering hosted by the Culbertson Saddle Club. Each year hundreds of people enjoy riding across the prairie and dancing out under the stars. Fee includes meals, hay, beverages and entertainment.

This is an ideal opportunity to see just what our ancestors went through as they ventured into the unknown. Either on horseback or in a wagon, this event will provide an experience long to be remembered and to share with your children. Not only is it venturesome, but one meets many new and old friends as everyone gathers around the camp fires, talking about the day's sunrise, sunset and everything in between. Come join us for a great weekend of beautiful Eastern Montana scenery, great food, entertainment, and warm hospitality.

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Phone: 406-790-0600
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Labor Day Wagon Train will be held out of the Culbertson area. There are signs posted from Culbertson that will direct you to the Labor Day Wagon Train.

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Saturday 9:00am - Monday 9:00am

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Breakfast, Lunch, Music, Parking, Trail

Dancing, Food And Drink, Horseback Riding, Wagon Train