Karst's Camp - Big Sky

Karst's Camp was originally a dude ranch that was founded in 1901 by Pete Karst. He was awarded the property because of back pay that the Cooper Tie Company owed him. Karst built a cabin and eventually built twenty-five cabins to accommodate one hundred people. In 1937 he installed a rope tow for use in recreational skiing. Karst's Camp eventually hosted a local bar and brothel for the local miners. Karst operated this resort of sorts for fifty years and eventually retired.

The original cabins are still standing and are occupied today but the ski lift and the camp no longer exists. The mine can still be reached by a short trail that travels up into the hillside behind the camp site. This area was one of Montana's unusual present day mining ventures - an asbestos mine.

Currently Karsts Camp is an "Open Air" un-escorted attraction.

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Karst's Camp is located in the south central area of Montana. It is between Bozeman and Yellowstone National Park, near Big Sky on Highway 191, seven miles north of Big Sky at the Asbestos Mine Trailhead.

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