Halfbreed National Wildlife Refuge - Rapelje

Halfbreed National Wildlife Refuge is part of the Big Lake Complex, a large drainage area with Halfbreed being centrally located in the complex. The refuge receives the freshest water and most of the migratory bird use.

Halfbreed National Wildlife Refuge was initially managed as a flowage and no-hunting refuge easement in 1976. In 1987, 3,246 acres were purchased in fee title which included most of the original easement. The refuge now includes the 3,246 acres, 640 acres of state land, for the grazing lease and 400 acres of private land that is still covered by the original refuge easement.

When wet, these basins provide highly productive breeding and staging habitat for waterfowl and shorebirds. Public use of the refuge is limited to bird watching and hiking, as it is intended as a sanctuary for all wildlife, free from disturbance by human activities. Walk-in access is through the north boundary.


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Phone: 406-538-8706

Halfbreed National Wildlife Refuge is located seven miles east of Rapelje, then south one mile.

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