Bighorn Pass Trail - Yellowstone National Park

Length: 19.5 miles

Trail Begins: Indian Creek Campground

Trail Ends: Highway 191, Big Horn Pass Trailhead

The scenery varies from grass and willow rival valleys to dense forest, to high meadows. There is also a variety of wildlife, including grizzlies, to be seen along this trail. Because of the high concentrations of bears in the area there are special restrictions on hiking the Bighorn Pass Trail. Parties of 4 or more people are recommended and may be required for overnight trips. Off-trail travel is not permitted in some areas. Stop by at a Visitor Center or Backcountry Office for current conditions and regulations. This trail begins at the Indian Creek Campground. The trail skirts south around the campground before paralleling Indian Creek for 2 miles through willow river meadows and lodgepole pine forest. This is a good area for a short morning or evening hike from the campground as there are almost always moose or elk feeding in these meadows. After crossing Indian Creek the trail climbs a small ridge, then drops down to Panther Creek. The trail crosses Panther Creek and runs through a pine, spruce and fir forest. As you near the pass, the trail gets steeper and climbs 1,100 feet in the last 2 miles. As you hike this section, watch the slopes of Bannock Peak, and Quadrant Mountain for bighorn sheep. From the pass, the view west of the Gallatin River Valley may prompt you to just sit back and absorb the scenery the rest of the day.

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The Bighorn Pass Trail crosses the Gallatin Mountain Range as it travels from Mammoth-Norris Road to the Gallatin Highway. The trail begins on the west side of the bridge on the Indian Creek Campground entrance road.

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