Bozeman Ranger District - Bozeman

The Bozeman district covers the northwestern section of the Gallatin National Forest. It encompasses much of the recreation area near the city of Bozeman, MT including Hyalite. Big Sky, MT is inside Bozeman district. Sections of the Bridger Range are also included.

Cabin Rentals at Bozeman District:

Battle Ridge Cabin

Fox Creek Cabin

Garnet Mountain Lookout

Little Bear Cabin

Maxey Cabin

Mystic Lake Cabin

Spanish Creek Cabin

Window Rock Cabin

Windy Pass Cabin

Yellow Mule Cabin

Campgrounds in the Bozeman District:

Battle Ridge Campground

Chisholm Campground

Fairy Lake Campground

Greek Creek Campground

Hood Creek Campground

Langohr Campground

Moose Creek Flat Campground

Red Cliff Campground

Spire Rock Campground

Swan Creek Campground

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