Biscuit Basin - Yellowstone National Park

In the Biscuit Basin area you will find a foot bridge that crosses over to the Sapphire Pool. Before the 1959 earthquake, the Sapphire Pool was a geyser that erupted to heights of 10 to 12 feet. Around the edges of the crater were biscuit-like geyerite mounds which gave Biscuit Basin its name. Before the earthquake disrupted the geysers activity, the eruptions had reached to heights of 100 feet, scattering the huge geyerite biscuits out on to the basin. Sapphire no longer erupts.

Other notable thermal features along the walk include Jewel Geyser, which erupts about every 12 to 15 minutes, with heights of up to 22 feet, Shell Geyser, Silver Globe, Avoca Spring, and Mustard Spring.

West of Biscuit Basin is a trail that leads to Mystic Falls.

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Biscuit Basin is located three miles north of Old Faithful.

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