Lone Star Geyser - Yellowstone National Park

The Lone Star Geyser erupts from a 12 foot cone to heights of 35 feet. Several small eruptions occur before the main eruption, 15 to 20 minutes later. There is a three-hour interval between eruptions. In a cache near the geyser is a logbook to record what you see and to check when the last eruption occurred and what type it was.

It is an easy walk of 4.8 miles along the Firehole River with an elevation gain of 40 feet. Also available is a bike path and a partially paved road.


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Lone Star Geyser is located south of Old Faithful. There is a trailhead at Old Faithful for walking. For driving Lone Star Geyser Road is just past the Kepler Cascades' pullout from the Grand Loop Road to Lone Star Geyser - 2 miles.


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