West Thumb Junction - Yellowstone National Park

This western portion of Yellowstone Lake is called West Thumb Thermal Area, which consists of lake shore geysers, hot springs, and bubbling paint pots. Follow the signs along the constructed walks for a view of all the many thermal features. Thumb Paint Pots are similar to the Fountain Paint Pots at the Lower Geyser Basin. The colors are more vivid and the intensity is greater some months than others.

A relative amount of thermal activity actually occurs in the lake. When the crater of the Lake Shore Geyser is not submerged by water it may erupt to heights of 60 feet for several minutes at intervals of 25 to 35 minutes.

Another feature in this area includes Fishing Cone Hot Spring whose geyserite mound and crater are surrounded by lake water.

The deep crater of the Abyss Pool is filled with hot, clear water that reflects a beautiful blue color.


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West Thumb Junction is joined by highways to Old Faithful, Lake Area, and the South Entrance. The South Entrance is 22 miles from the West Thumb Area.


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