Inspiration Point - Yellowstone National Park

Inspiration Point offers a spectacular view which emphasizes the magnitude of the canyon. The canyon is 24 miles long and 800 to 1,200 feet deep, with tow waterfalls that total a 417 foot drop. The view is breathtaking. Along the Inspiration Point Road is an outstanding example of how glaciers of the Ice Age have moved the countryside around. A huge granite boulder sits beside the road in this almost universally volcanic rock landscape. It was transported some 15-20 miles from the mountains in the northeast corner of the Park by the Ice Age Glaciers.

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Take the North Rim Drive, continue up the Grand Loop to Canyon Village and turn east at the intersection. The road passes between the campground and the visitor center. In about a mile it divides. To the left is a two-way road that dead-ends at Inspiration Point. To the right is the one-way (east) North Rim Drive.


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