Crescent Lake/High Lake Trail - Yellowstone National Park

Speciment Creek Trailhead to:

Crescent Lake 5.9 miles

High Lake 10.8 miles

Back to trailhead 21.6 miles

The first 1.0 mile to Crescent Lake climbs 900 feet up the side of a forested valley. The lake sits in a cirque with an 800 foot cliff rising above it. The trail from Crescent Lake to High Lake can be hard to follow. From Crescent Lake the trail travels northeast, climbing up the side of a forested valley. The trail veers south downhill, following a little open valley to High Lake. High Lake is a beautiful, secluded spot and the feeling of serenity and accomplishment that comes from sitting along its shore is well worth the toil of the hike.

This trail travels from the Specimen Creek Trail to the Sportsman Lake Trail. It offers the opportunity for a superb 22 mile loop hike which takes you past two lovely alpine lakes and over an abundance of rugged mountain country. Although the country seems rugged, the environment of the alpine lakes is fragile. Plants grow slowly and soil is thin and a long time in forming. Treat these places gently. Bring stoves, as fires are prohibited; and be certain to pack out all trash, even if it isn't yours.

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Crescent Lake/High Lake Trail can be reached by starting at the Specimen Creek Trail, 6 miles in from the Trailhead on Highway 191.

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