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    Photo courtesy: John Ansotegui

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  • Garnet Ghost Town

Over the years, Drummond, Montana has developed a well deserved reputation as a straightforward cow town. Drummond clusters between a bend in Interstate 90 and the railroad, making it an ideal shipping point for cattle and grain produced in the region. A trip through Drummond is a trip through agriculture in Montana, not what ranching was like a hundred years ago, but how Montana's biggest industry happens on a daily basis in the twenty first century. A typical stroll down Front Street might include ranchers discussing the weather, hay, or calving, and you are just as likely to encounter cattle being driven to market as traffic. In the fall, follow the lights and the traffic to the high school football field to watch the best version of the sport.

Drummond sits on the north end of the Pintler Scenic Route that starts in Anaconda. The Pintler Scenic Route runs along the north shore of Georgetown Lake before following Flint Creek through the valley around Philipsburg, offering access and stunning views of the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness and the breathtaking Pintler Mountains. While in the Drummond Area, be sure to visit Garnet Ghost Town. This turn-of-the century gold camp has over thirty buildings in good condition, but is far enough off the beaten path that you can explore the area without hubbub.