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    John Ansotegui

The Northern Pacific Railway constructed a spur line to the Gebo coal mines in Clarks Fork Valley in 1898 and named the depot Fromberg, after Northern Pacific stockholder Conrad Fromberg. William Swallow, recognizing that his land near the new depot offered potential, platted a 6-block townsite. Referred to as the "fruit basket" of Carbon County, Fromberg grew rapidly. The (train) depot served passengers and freight until 1970. It was later moved 75 feet to its present location and the building today serves as the Clarks Fork Valley Museum.

Fromberg's Clarks Fork Valley Museum displays the history of the Clarks Fork Valley. It is in one of the last class four, small, rural area railroad depots in the country. The depot, which is listed on the National Register, was 100 years old in 1999. Exhibits at Clarks Fork Valley Museum include a one-room doctor's office and a traditional homesteader's cabin.