Welcome to Glendive, Montana

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Glendive is tucked between the badlands and the Yellowstone River on I-94, and is considered the hub city of the rich inland agricultural area of eastern Montana and western North Dakota. Large grain farms and ranches abound. Glendive's main street is one-sided with a massive railroad yard and roundhouse on the other side. Makoshika State Park, one of the most impressive badlands areas in America, borders the southern edge of Glendive. It is not only attractive with its highly unusual rock formations, but is a virtual warehouse of prehistoric fossils, mineral specimens and dinosaur bones.

Visit the Frontier Gateway Museum and take a giant step back in time. Wander among dinosaur fossils, Indian artifacts, farm machinery and blacksmith tools. One of the most popular exhibits is 'Merrill West,' which is a walkway through a replica of the businesses which lined Glendive's business district in the late 1800s. A restored sheep wagon, a rural schoolhouse, a log cabin, a windmill pump, a smithy shop and a restored 1916 fire truck are displayed.

Historic Bell Street Bridge, first built in 1894, destroyed by an 1899 ice jam and rebuilt between 1924 and 1926, is one of the longest of its kind in Montana. It has been preserved for its engineering accomplishment and significant role in the commercial development of the area. An annual September celebration, Historic Bell Street Bridge Day, commemorates the local landmark. Work is in progress to return it to its original glory. New glowing street lamps guide visitors along its path, now a pedestrian walkway.

.A self-guided walking tour of Glendive's Downtown Historic District leads past many buildings listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Guide brochures are available at the Glendive Chamber of Commerce.

The 11,531-acre Makoshika State Park is three miles southeast of Glendive. Wind and water have created caprocks, pinnacles, hogback ridges and fluted hillsides. The park also preserves the fossil remains of Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops dinosaurs and is part of the Montana Dinosaur Trail. Visit the displays of fossils, including a Triceratops skull at the visitor center southeast of town. The park offers scenic drives, nature trails, picnic sites, an archery range and campground. Or visit Makoshika Dinosaur Museum located in a historical building in downtown Glendive, dedicated to teaching the public about dinosaurs and the science of paleontology through displays and interpretive material and is a member of the Montana Dinosaur Trail.

Choice Montana agates are plentiful, as well as fossil remains of prehistoric creatures and Indian artifacts. Montana moss agates occur in creek bottoms, gravel beds, and along the banks of the Yellowstone River running through Glendive. The area is renowned worldwide for the quality and abundance of the plume and moss agates found on its shores.