Welcome to Heart Butte, Montana

  • Scenery

    Photo courtesy: Sten Iverson

  • The Surrounding Area

    Photo courtesy: MTOT

  • Prairie View

    Photo courtesy: MTOT

Heart Butte is near the Continental Divide and Glacier National Park. It is also on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation 26 miles south of Browning. The Reservation is 1.5 million acres. Blackfeet Indians are Montana's largest Indian tribe. Although today the majority of the Blackfeet on the reservation live much like the residents of any western community, they have maintained many of their cultural traditions.

The main attraction on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation is the Museum of the Plains Indian, near the intersection of U.S. Highways 2 and 89. A comprehensive collection of cultural artifacts and exhibits is professionally displayed at the museum. A gift shop features a wide variety of authentic, contemporary Native American art and jewelry. Another cultural attraction is the Blackfeet Heritage Center and Art Gallery, which offers a wide variety of arts, crafts and jewelry.

The annual Heart Butte Healing Celebration takes place in August. This is a traditional Blackfeet Indian festival and powwow held right in the rural community of Heart Butte. Specialty tours are also available on the Blackfeet Reservation and allow you to explore the hills, valleys, lakes, streams, and the majestic Rocky Mountains, live in teepees, meet Blackfeet guides and storytellers, engage in traditional dance and song, and eat a native meal.