Welcome to Hysham, Montana

  • Hysham Yucca Theatre

    Photo courtesy: MTOT

  • Lewis & Clark Expedition Sculptures

    Photo courtesy: MTOT

  • Garden

    Photo courtesy: MTOT

Hysham is the county seat of Treasure County and is bordered just to the north by the Yellowstone River and to the south by beautiful rolling hills. This south-central Montana agricultural community spreads out in a panorama of green fields, pasture land and strips of grain.

Hysham originally was part of the Crow Indian Reservation and in 1906 the area was ceded from the Reservation and opened to settlement. The town was named for Charlie J. Hysham owner of the Flying E Ranch which ran thousands from the Yellowstone River to the Wyoming line.

Treasure County has some outstanding historic sites. Fort Pease was a stockade constructed in 1875, near the mouth of the Bighorn, as a defense against a party of Sioux Indians and also as a trading post. Remnants of Fort Pease still stand on the original site.

The Treasure County 89ers Museum preserves local history with displays and exhibits including an early day soda fountain that has been restored. Located across the street from the museum is the Yucca Theatre which is listed on the National Register of Historical Places and is an impressive example of mission style and is a prominent historic landmark in Hysham. Other local attractions include statues placed around Hysham created by local sculptor, Bob Schulze including Sacajawea, William Clark, Pomp plus a White Buffalo.

The Yellowstone River provides not only life-giving water to the agricultural lands of the Hysham area, but also miles of fun and recreation. There are numerous public recreation sites that offer fishing and boating access, wildlife viewing, agate hunting and more. An abundance of deer, antelope, pheasants, geese, turkeys, grouse, sage hens, and ducks make excellent hunting near Hysham.

We invite you to visit Hysham, Montana's Hidden Treasure.