Welcome to Jackson, Montana

  • Town Overview

    Photo courtesy: John Ansotegui

  • Jackson Hot Springs

    Photo courtesy: Jackson Hot Springs

  • Montana Snowkite Rodeo

    Photo courtesy: Montana Kite Sports

The tiny town of Jackson, Montana has made a name for itself as a winter sports destination for the adventurous. The luxurious Jackson Hot Springs Lodge hosts the Montana Snowkite Rodeo, a three day extravaganza and the Northwest's premier snowkiting competition. Participants come from as far away as Norway and Sweden to compete in the Montana Snowkite Rodeo's festivities. At the headwaters of the Big Hole river, and surrounded by several mountain ranges, Jackson may be the finest outdoor recreation area in the state, winter or summer. Ski, snowboard, snowmobile, or snowshoe in the winter. In the summer, enjoy world class fishing, hunting, and the miles of hiking around the valley.

In addition, the Jackson Hot Springs Lodge makes the perfect place to stay while exploring the ghost town of Bannack and the Big Hole National Battlefield, site of and memorial to the 1877 Battle of the Big Hole, a turning point in the Nez Pierce War, a sad yet important era in the region's history.

This remote and hospitable community offers the perfect way to experience the adventures of the Montana outdoors.