Welcome to Judith Gap, Montana

  • Entering Judith Gap!

    Photo courtesy: John Ansotegui

  • Wind Farm and Energy Center

    Photo courtesy: Judith Gap Wind Farm/Energy Center

Located, appropriately, in the gap between the Little Belt and Snowy mountains, Judith Gap has long been known for the wind that comes from the Judith Basin to the north and funnels through the gap. In 2005, the area took advantage of the ubiquitous wind with development of the Judith Gap Wind Energy Center. This wind farm consist of the ninety wind turbines that dot the landscape between Judith Gap and Harlowton. With access to the Judith Basin and Judith River to the north, the Upper Musselshell to the south and national forest land in the Little Belts and Snowies, Judith gap has a central location for hunting, hiking, camping, and recreation in Central Montana.