Welcome to Kiowa, Montana

  • Scenic View

    Photo courtesy: Sten Iverson

  • Local Area

    Photo courtesy: John Ansotegui

Kiowa comes from the Blackfeet word for bear, Kya-yo. This is a particularly appropriate name for this community with its varied wildlife and magnificent views. Both grizzly and black bears are frequently seen here due to its location on the eastern border of Glacier National Park.The area also attracts birds favoring the mountains and plains, as well as numerous bird migrating through the region. A string of beaver ponds at Kiowa adds to the wilderness experience. Forest, wetland and alpine flowers abound in the area.

The vista from Kiowa is breathtaking as you look between the Two Medicine and Cut Bank drainage areas of Glacier National Park. From Kiowa you view the mountains creating the pass between these two areas, a popular hike for backpackers wanting a true wilderness experience. Just to the north of Kiowa is the traditional mountain pass used by the Blackfeet people to cross over the Continental Divide.

Kiowa, with its population of four and quiet atmosphere, is truly one of the hidden treasures of the Glacier area. Visitors to Kiowa have easy access to all parts of Glacier National Park while visiting a community with its own wildlife trails and interesting history.