Welcome to Melstone, Montana

  • Melstone Rangeland

    Photo courtesy: MTOT

Melstone began as a Milwaukee Railroad station and was named for Melvin Stone, an Associated Press reporter who was aboard the train with the railroad's president, his daughter, and a friend, all of whom were naming towns along the line. The station was a freight division and promised to be important. Dry land farmers followed the railroad but the surrounding acres proved too dry, and now they are dotted with producing oil wells; while other towns around it are decaying, Melstone has begun a new lease on life. (from Cheney's Names on the Face of Montana, Mountain Press Publishing Company)

Melstone is located along the Musselshell River, northeast of Billings. Heading west along Highway 12 in Roundup is the Musselshell Valley Historical Museum with exhibits depicting the pioneer era in this valley.