Welcome to Park City, Montana

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    Photo courtesy: MTOT

Park City was first known as Young's Point. In 1882 a colony from Ripon, Wisconsin, making the trip in prairie schooners, settled here. Young's Point was the landing place for boats on the Yellowstone River, but this was to be the settlers' future home, so they planted trees and a section of land was donated to them. After the settlers, the railroad came and with the railroad came a station. The barren, sandstone bluffs north of town inspired railroad officials to christen the new station Rimrock, but the settlers, who had planted seedlings and started a city of trees, chose and clung to the name Park City. The general manager of the Northern Pacific resented this "stubbornness" on the part of the homesteaders and in retaliation he changed the location of the proposed railroad yards and shop from this townsite to Laurel.(from Cheney's Names on the Face of Montana, Mountain Press Publishing Company)

Park City is located along the Yellowstone River, which offers great fishing opportunities. Park City is also near Canyon Creek Battlefield Monument. The monument is located at the site of the battle between the Nez Perce led by Chief Joseph and the U.S. Calvary led by Col. Samuel Sturgis. This battle took place on September 13, 1877. Here 125 warriors held off the cavalry enabling the rest of the band of 800 Nez Perce to continued their flight from Oregon to asylum in Canada. A pipe ceremony led by the Nez Perce is held at the battle site each September.