Welcome to Peerless, Montana

Peerless, west of Scobey, was originally named Tande, according to one historian, but due to the popularity of Peerless Beer sold there people got into the habit of saying, "Let's go to Peerless," and this gave rise to the idea of changing the name. (from Cheney's Names on the Face of Montana, Mountain Press Publishing Company)

In Peerless, stop at Dutch Henry's Bar. The place is a namesake of an outlaw who roamed these parts in the late 1800s. A display of photos on the walls tells quite a bit about the history of the surrounding area. The original town, settled in 1914, was a few miles away. Like many other places in northeast Montana, the laying of the railroad bed required the town to be moved to the railroad.

The nearby Fort Peck Indian Reservation is home to about 6,000 Sioux and Assinniboine and encompasses more than 2 million acres of land just east of Fort Peck Lake, almost to North Dakota, and from 50 miles south of Canada to the Missouri River in the south. Poplar Museum and Tribal Museum feature tribal history and artifacts.