Welcome to Roscoe, Montana

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    Photo courtesy: John Ansotegui

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    Photo courtesy: Lazy E-L Working Guest Ranch

Roscoe was formerly called Morris, and under that name a post office was established in 1901. The name was changed because of confusion sorting mail for Morris and for Norris in Madison County. It had been named for the Morris family, early settlers in the region. Mrs. Morris who was postmaster was asked to select a new name for the town, so she chose Roscoe, the name of her favorite horse. (from Cheney's Names on the Face of Montana, Mountain Press Publishing Company)

Just a few miles southeast of Roscoe you will find Red Lodge Mountain Ski Area. It is best known for its friendly people and great spring skiing. The mountain receives over 250 inches of snow during the season, yet 5 of every 7 days are sunny. Over 70 trails, for all levels of skiers and 2,400 feet of vertical drop will keep you busy for days.

Nearby Cooney State Park, an irrigation reservoir, is a popular recreation area serving south-central Montana offering boating, swimming, camping and fishing. Attractions include good walleye and rainbow trout fishing. Boating opportunities are abundant and 75 camping spots are available on this large 317.6-acre site. There's also camping near Roscoe at East Rosebud Lake.