Welcome to Silesia, Montana

Silesia is named for Silesia Springs, a mineral springs which got its name from Julius Lehrkind, who came from the eastern German province of Silesia. The Lehrkind family started a brewery in Silesia, but after a few years it burned down and some of the family moved to Red Lodge to start another one. Silesia is at the junction where the Northern Pacific Railroad branches off towards Red Lodge and Bridger. (from Cheney's Names on the Face of Montana, Mountain Press Publishing Company)

A few miles northeast of Silesia is Montana's largest city. Billings offers the best in western attractions, events, hospitality, shopping and cuisine.

Also near Silesia is Cooney State Park, an irrigation reservoir is a popular recreation area serving south-central Montana offering boating, swimming, camping and fishing. Attractions include good walleye and rainbow trout fishing. Boating opportunities are abundant and 75 camping spots are available on this large 317.6-acre site.

Silesia is also near the confluence of the Yellowstone and the Clarks Fork Yellowstone Rivers.