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Whitehall is a small, unique community with the major emphasis being on agriculture, mining and the school system. Whitehall has a total population of 1184 with surrounding population of 1500. The annual average rainfall if 12 - 13 inches with a 110 days of the growing season. Whitehall has an elevation of 4,351 feet. Whitehall's community sits in the heart of the Deerlodge National Forest. Whitehall is within 23 - 60 miles of three major airports, four colleges, five ski resorts, seven major rivers, mountain lakes for fishing and backpacking, four lakes for boating, and three hot springs. There are numerous snowmobiling trails for winter riding and summer trail rides. The mountain ranges surround the valley, which is excellent for big game hunting. There are many recreational opportunities in Whitehall including an outdoor swimming pool, movie theater, baseball/softball fields, rodeo grounds, bowling alley, tennis courts, a museum and antique shops.


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Street Address
501 N Whitehall Street
Whitehall,  MT 59759

Phone: 406-287-2260

Whitehall is located right of Interstate 90, approximately 26 miles East of Butte and 60 miles West of Bozeman.

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