North Willow Creek Trail - Pony

A popular trail leading to scenic alpine lakes.North Willow Creek Trail (301) begins following along the north side of Willow Creek. About 3 miles upstream it crosses to the south of the creek, climbing steeply the last 2 miles to Hollowtop Lake. This portion of the trail is not only steep, but very rocky. This presents a challenge to motorcyclists and mountain bikers alike. Motorcyclists are not allowed off the main trail or around Hollowtop Lake. ATVs are only permitted the first mile of trail. The developed trail ends at Hollowtop Lake; however, a non-developed user trail leads uphill to Deep and Skytop Lakes.North Willow Creek and the chain of lakes from which it originates (Hollowtop, Deep, and Skytop) constitute an extensive fishery. The surrounding area also provides a home to mule deer, elk, moose, and black bear. Mountain goats inhabit the looming cliffs above the lakes during the summer months, moving down to browse the lower alpine meadows during the winter.Length: 10.0 miles. Moderate difficulty.Trail Begins: 0.5 mile southwest of PonyTrail Ends: Hollowtop LakeUSGS Map: Potosi Peak, Pony

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Follow US Highway 287 north from Ennis to Harrison. Turn left at Harrison and drive 5 miles down the road to Pony. Continue straight ahead through Pony to a fork in the road. Bear left, and drive 1/2 mile to the trailhead. There is a loop turnaround with parking for several vehicles.

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