Hyde Creek Loop Trail - Ennis

A long horseback or backpacking trip.Hyde Creek Loop Trail (25, 27, 29) forms a loop starting at Trail 25. It travels to Bucks Nest, then to Flatiron, then to Wall Creek lake, and back down to Trail 29. Beginning on Road 72421 on the Wall Creek Game Range about a mile north of Wall Creek Cabin, the trail runs on the north side of Hydge Creek through open stands of limber pine.The first two miles, until you reach Bucks Nest saddle, are quite steep, requiring frequent rest stops for horses. This trail would be very difficult for horses. In the saddle at Bucks Nest the marked trail skirts around the knob. The best view is over the top of the knob. As you climb the grassy ridge between Hyde Creek and the South Fork of Ruby Creek there are spectacular vistas of Fossil Ridge to the northwest, Flatiron Mountain to the southwest, and the Madison Range to the east.Once you've reached Flatiron Mountain, take the left (south) fork past Wall Creek Lake (more like a pond). In 2 miles, the Kelly Reservoir trail takes off to the right (west). Stay left here, traveling for a mile to the junction with Trail 27, and turn left (north) onto Trail 27.The trail passes through more timber interspersed with parks and crosses the south fork of Hyde Creek, rejoining Trail 25 about a mile from there. Turn right (northeast) and go about 0.25 mile to the junction of Trail 25 and 29. This rocky trail follows Hyde Creek down through heavy timber and returns to the Wall Creek Cabin. From here you can return to your vehicle on the Bucks Nest Road by walking north, cross country, or follow the road back. You will need two vehicles since the trail ends 8 miles down the road from the trailhead. The trail wanders through areas of open timber, scattered aspen stands, and sagebrush/grass against a backdrop of the majestic Madison mountain range to the east. There are spectacular views from the top.You are almost sure to see elk and moose on this trail. The trail offers some splendid bird watching. Meadowlarks, horned larks, and vesper sparrows may be see in the sagebrush. Juncos, white-crowned sparrows, and song sparrows live in the open timber. Ruby-crowned kinglets, Swainson's thrushes, and pine siskins may their homes in the heavier timber. Numerous camping opportunities exist along the entire loop. Length: 16.0 miles. High difficulty.Trail Begins: Wall Creek Game RangeTrail Ends: Wall Creek Game RangeUSGS Map: Bucks Nest, Bighorn Mountain, Granite Mountain


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Follow US Highway 287 south from Ennis 20 miles. Cross Indian Creek and turn right at the McAtee Bridge Fishing Access sign. Cross the Madison River and immediately turn left. Follow the road for approximately 7 miles to Wall Creek Cabin. Just before the cabin, turn right to the trailhead for Trail 29. This trailhead is well marked. The trailhead for Trail 25 starts about 1/2 mile before the cabin down an unimproved road. Horse trailers may need to park at the first trailhead and ride down the main road to access Trail 25.

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