Antone Cabin - Ennis

Located in the Snowcrest range. This cabin is mostly used during the hunting season. In an open, easy winter with little wind, snowmobile access can be eight miles from the junction of Antone Station Road and Blacktail Deer Creek road. During a heavy snow year, snowmobile access could be 40 miles. The large horse pasture surrounding the cabin is for administrative use only. No livestock is permitted inside the small fence immediately around the cabin. The public may rent the square corral adjacent to the trailhead, north of the administrative pasture for an additional fee.

The one room cabin has a propane cookstove and lights. Heat is a woodstove. There is no water. Cabin fee is $35.00 per night. The corral may be rented for $10.00 per day by calling the Madison Ranger District at 406-682-4253. Capacity is 2 people. Fee to rent cabin is non-refundable. Any changes to reserved dates will be assessed additional fee.

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Phone: 406-682-4253
Fax: 406-682-4233

Antone Cabin is located 34 miles southeast of Dillon. South east 40 miles from Dillon on Blacktail Road. East 5 miles on Antone Road.

7/2 - 3/31

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Hiking, Hunting, Snowmobiling