Montana High Country Cattle Drive - Townsend

Montana High Country Cattle Drive provides drives which will give all riders the opportunity to really move cattle. Many other cattle drives move just a few cattle. During our drives, guests move between 400 and 1000 head of cattle. To give each guest the possibility to chase cattle we have a number of mini cattle drives going on within the large cattle drive. Most cattle drives offered in the West go across the mountain plains. Our cattle drives go right through the mountains.Next, we can offer you more than just a cattle drive. Along with the cattle drive, we have educational opportunities, intellectual offerings, and additional entertainment. We offer the guests a chance to learn fly fishing and roping. There are creeks that offer fly fishing opportunities at every camp. We have a Cowboy Poetry night. One evening we have a History Night where we try to share with our guests a glimpse at the Indian, gold mining and natural history of the local area. There is even a Country Dance night and a special Award's Night. Blended in with it all, are evenings of campfire song, trail rides, and laughter.

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Montana High Country Cattle Drive is located in the Big Belt Mountains of southwestern Montana. The Big Belt Mountains lie roughly between Helena and Bozeman. Townsend is the first city on the headwaters of the Missouri River.

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