Feather Woman Mountain Adventures - Heart Butte

Feather Woman Mountain Adventures 'An unforgettable experience in Blackfeet Country'.

Feather Woman Mountain Adventures is located at the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains on the southeast corner of the Blackfeet Nation. Our neighbor to the north is Glacier National Park and Lewis and Clark National Forest is to the west.

We offer a wide variety of adventures for everyone. Experienced Blackfeet guides are available for horseback riding, scenic nature talks and walks and traditional historic tours. In the spring time we offer a cattle drive where you can ride among the cowboys and end your day in mountain pastures with a barbecue.

Feather Woman Mountain Adventures welcomes you to come and visit our side of 'Big Sky Country' where few have been privileged to see and experience.


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Phone: 406-338-2021
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Feather Woman Mountain Adventures is located 28 miles northwest of Valier and Lake Frances, 28 miles south of Browning, 40 miles south of Glacier National Park, 1 and 1/2 miles south of Heart Butte, 120 miles northwest of Great Falls on the east slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

Sring, Summer, Fall

8:00am -7:00pm


Group Reservations Required, Late Cancellation Fee, Reservations Accepted, Walk-Ins Welcome

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