Charlie Russell's Honeymoon Cottage - Cascade

Charles Marion Russell (The Cowboy Artist) visited and lived in Cascade throughout most of the 1890s. He met and married Nancy Cooper in Cascade. The house they were married and the little house they lived in has been restored by local resident Gene Dwyer. The "Honeymoon Cottage" is a small building 12' by 34'and is open to the public free of charge. Before the wedding, Charlie spent $75 to add a lean-to kitchen onto the east wall increasing the size of the home from 12' by 24' to 12' by 34'. There is a kiosk in front of the Honeymoon Cottage with information from the Montana Historical Society for the National Registry of Historical Places. The cottage is in Cascade but it is necessary to arrange tours in advance by calling 406-453-3406. Available at the cottage for purchase is a facinating book and booklet about Charlie Russell's Honeymoon Cottage and his life in Cascade.

There are no facilities at the cottage.

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Street Address
20 South Russell Drive
Cascade,  MT 59421

Phone: 406-453-3406

Please call to arrange tour.

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