Welcome to Lindsay, Montana

  • Makoshika State Park

    Photo courtesy: MTOT

Lindsay was named after the Honorable William Lindsay, U.S. Marshal, who settled in Dawson County in 1883 and became a sheep rancher. Lindsay is a prairie town between Glendive and Circle. (from Cheney's Names on the Face of Montana, Mountain Press Publishing Company)

The neighboring community of Glendive is home to the Frontier Gateway Museum. The museum offers local history, natural history, and fossils. The McCone County Museum with its wildlife collection of over 200 birds and animals mounted and displayed in their natural settings is located in Circle.

The nearby badlands of Makoshika State Park are set aside for visitors to see and enjoy. In addition to the pine and juniper studded badlands formations, the park also houses the fossil remains of such dinosaurs as tyrannosaurus and triceratops at the Makoshika Dinosaur Museumin Glendive.